Motivational Speaker | Author | Self Development Trainer


When you leave this world, what will you be remembered for?

A question that sparked a journey, where I’ve now travelled

across 5 continents speaking at over  800 events in 29 countries


I am Sabirul Islam and this is my legacy.

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I have inspired millions of people

Motivational Talks

A journey I started from the age of 17, having spoken to audiences of all ages speaking on subjects such as self development, breaking barriers, business and branding & my fight against epilepsy.

Self-Development Books

I’ve written 3 best selling books, sharing my life’s experiences of success and failure and breaking barriers, addressing topics such as ‘The Cycle of Success’ and the 7 P’s to self-fulfilment.

TV shows

I’ve produced and hosted 2 TV shows, interviewing influential think tanks, leaders and youths to broaden career prospects and bring to light inspiration success stories.

Financial Education Workshops

I deliver real life financial education through practical and interactive sessions using my Teen-Trepreneur Board Game, to teach business, profit and loss and money management.


Careers Expo, Zambia

“Inspiring is not a job to Sabirul, it is who he is. He has the energy and stamina to speak at any location to any audience at any time. The professionalism of this young man and his passion for young people is unbelievable especially given his age and status. I am glad to have met him because my life has been changed forever”

Princes Trust, UK

“Sabirul’s talents far out stretch his age. And for any doubters, please try him out and be prepared to prove yourselves wrong! Sabirul’s heightened sense of business acumen, professionalism, integrity and heart is what makes him such a winner. He has inspired thousands, regardless of age, background, privileges and experience. Anyone involved with Sabirul will know that his determination and will power alone will drive people to do better for themselves and each other. Sabirul is a tremendous asset to his community, country and anybody who seeks his advice and wisdom.”

City of Glasgow College

“We had the pleasure of inviting Sabirul to deliver a talk in Glasgow. From the first phone call he was extremely passionate about what he does, the event and delivering a successful talk. This passion translated into an extremely successful talk. We hope to work with Sabirul again in the future.”

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