• The World at Your Feet

    A motivational self-help book aimed at empowering young people to kick start a career in entrepreneurship. Sharing insights into Sabirul's journey as young entrepreneur since the age of 14. (Buy Now)

  • Young Entrepreneur World

    An insight into the journey of 25 young entrepreneurs and how they have achieved international recognition. Sharing with you their secrets and guiding you to follow in similar footsteps. (Buy Now)

  • Inspiring One Million People - Free Download

    The remarkable journey of Sabirul, who travelled the world to inspire one million lives. He shares with you his journey, life lessons and how you too can achieve such success. (Download Now)

  • Teen-Trepreneur Board Game

    An enterprise board game, where 6 players compete to build a 7 star business, generate sales, pay off expenses and invest in the stock market to be the most profitable venture.