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Motivational Speaker, Author & Social Entrepreneur

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Sabirul Islam is an award-winning social entrepreneur, a UK bestselling author, a global motivational speaker, and public speaking coach. Sabirul delivers talks on entrepreneurship, personal development, resilience, overcoming adversity and leadership to schools, businesses and charities.

With over 15 years of experience as a motivational speaker, Sabirul has inspired over a million people in 31 countries through his motivational talks and published 3 bestselling books, and was awarded entrepreneur of year by King Charles III.

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Motivational Speaker, Author & Social Entrepreneur

Having grown up in a disadvantaged community in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Sabirul was raised in difficult conditions with his parents, not in employment. His ambition was to break away from challenging norms presented within his community which was driven by gun crime, violence, and drugs throughout his childhood.

On top of this, Sabirul persevered from a young age overcoming the stigma and fighting his own personal challenges having been diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 11. His career journey brought many difficulties from having been fired from his first job at the age of just 13 to being rejected by more than 40 book publishers for being ‘too young.’

His personal journey of overcoming and breaking free from his negative surroundings and breaking both cultural and societal stereotypes has motivated and inspired people of all ages as to what is possible when you believe in who you are and learn to keep rising from failure and rejections.

Social Entrepreneur, investor and Author in his teens

He took a different pathway than most during his teenage life, by starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14 running a web design venture called ‘Veyron Technology’ as a CEO, with his friends. Soon after getting grips with managing money through his young entrepreneurial experience, Sabirul began learning to trade in the stock market at the early age of just 16. 

With all the knowledge and experience he had gained in just two years, his focus quickly shifted to empowering the young generation around him, which led him to write his first book, which he self-published after being rejected by 40 publishers. The self-published book titled ‘The World at Your Feet: Turning Your Vision into Reality,’ went onto sell 42,500 copies across the UK in just 9 months.

Teen-Trepreneur board game

As a social entrepreneur, Sabirul’s vision to share his knowledge of entrepreneurship and managing money quickly led him to work with six 11 to 15-year-old students to design, build and launch his Teen-Trepreneur: Strike as the Next Tycoon board game. With the vision to inject practical enterprise learning through real-life gaming experience that is easy to understand for students and promotes entrepreneurship and financial education across academic platforms. The game is used as a key learning tool by Sabirul as he delivers enterprise day workshops for schools around the world.

Motivational Speaker & inspire1Million Campaign - 867 events in 4 years in 31 countries

Sabirul Islam has been motivational speaker since the age of 17. His vision was always to take his story and message global, with the belief that no matter the age, race, religion or culture, that ordinary people who persevere, learn to break barriers and believe in themselves, they can go on to become ‘extraordinary.’ With this belief, he set up a global campaign called ‘Inspire1Million.’ A campaign to inspire 1 million young people to be learnt be resilient, enterprising and learn to develop self-belief no matter how challenging their upbringing is. The Inspire1Million campaign supported by organisations worldwide, led Sabirul to deliver 867 motivational talks in 31 countries in 5 continents over a span of 4 years. The 1 million milestone was achieved in September 2014.

Career Focused TV Shows in Asia

Sabirul has a very strong and high-profile media presence, having directed and hosted his two of his own Live TV shows in Asia called ‘Face of Youth’ and EKO (Education, Knowledge, Opportunity) as well as featuring on some of the largest newspapers, magazines, and media platforms around the world sharing his story of overcoming crime, violence and his entrepreneurial journey and his battle with epilepsy.

Public Speaking Coach

Now aged 32, Sabirul’s portfolio has grown further having written and published his latest book titled ‘Build Your Confidence on Stage,’ teaching readers how to kick start their career in public speaking. This is supported by a weekly series hosted by Sabirul on the Build Your Confidence on Stage YouTube channel and as well as an online public speaking academy.

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Sabirul strongly believes in living life with purpose, value, and meaning. Living and breathing his motto “Born to Serve, Live to Inspire.”
Sabirul Islam
Motivational Speaker, Author & Social Entrepreneur
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