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Could you earn a lifestyle living as a professionally paid public speaker?

Want to master the art of public speaking, overcome stage fright and truly develop powerful vocals? Or are you looking to learn how to tell a great story on stage, engage your audience in a unique way and turn your passion for speaking into a professional career?

 Through 15 years of experience and application, Sabirul Islam has crafted the brand Build Your Confidence on Stage – a four-pillar learning journey providing you with the tools and techniques to improve your passion and make money while doing so.

Build Your Confidence on Stage Public Speaking Book

Transform your aspiration for public speaking into a lifestyle profession

In this book, Islam explains the four pillars of public speaking, aiming to instil aspiring speakers with the performance mindset; learning to control your content, your message and the manner of presentation which you require. Build Your Confidence on Stage covers The Speaker’s Psychology; The Principles of Public Speaking; The Performance Masterclass; and The Profession of a Public Speaker. These pillars will demonstrate how to overcome fear and anxiety, break general norms and stereotypes, analyze the pre, during, and post-performance techniques, master the discipline and its practice before you begin to convert everything you’ve learnt into forming a lifestyle speaking career.

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Sabirul has put together an online academy of public speaking courses and workbooks to help support and assist your learning and development as a public speaker. You can enroll for free and even book coaching sessions with Sabirul.

Sabirul strongly believes in living life with purpose, value, and meaning. Living and breathing his motto “Born to Serve, Live to Inspire.”
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