One to One Coaching for

‘Invest in Your Potential’ is a 50 minute coaching session with Sabirul, tailored to you and there to offer you 1-2-1 support to help you achieve your goals, sharpen your life skills and make you stand out. Sabirul’s style is informal and friendly, allowing you to explore and overcome personal barriers and plan for real successes, where above all, you feel at ease and happy.

The coaching programme is available to anyone (most clients are driven professionals who want to develop themselves), and as its via Zoom, its open to everyone, whatever your location.

Group Coaching for

‘Invest in Your Employees’ coaching programmes by Sabirul are primarily targeted at early to mid-career employees and those who are transitioning into early career leadership roles within the private, public sector and third sector organisations. Sabirul delivers highly energised and transformational coaching sessions both online & a full one day session to help power up your team and boost the spirit of each employee. The 50 minute online sessions are focused on employee soft skills development whereas the one day session is a custom built programme focusing on your organisations learning objectives with the addition of Sabirul’s signature leadership & presentation coaching.