E-Learning: Why You Need It for Career Growth

Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve taken multiple training and courses online from different organisations and providers, each having significant impact within my area of self development and career journey. From developing leadership and management skills to being able to use multimedia platforms more effectively. I feel the importance and need to talk about the power of E-Learning as it’s a crucial way we develop extensive knowledge about systems, pathways and answers the ‘how can I do the same?’ question.

We often don’t give ourselves enough time to learn beyond the norm of everyday teaching. Whether that be in a classroom listening to a lecture or reading books. The growth in technology has provided immense flexibility in our ability to choose what we want to learn, how we want to learn and when we want to learn it. It provides us a new dimension in being in control of the input of knowledge we consume at whichever phase of our career growth.

So, here’s why I believe E-learning is not only important but crucial to progress in today’s world.

1)     Flexibility in Learning

The fact of the matter is, you are in control of information you consume. And to embed learning through online as a part of your everyday personal growth or career growth without it feeling like a burden, shows that you are hungry for wider awareness in areas which you might not have expressed interest in before.

For example, you about to gain promotion to be a manager and have limited skills on leadership or running a team. Or in most cases personally feel you don’t have the confidence to people manage. The flexibility of E-Learning allows you to prepare well in advance to ensure that you take the right and relevant course, to at least have a better sense of approach or strategy in how to lead a new team or communicate with them effectively.

Once you find a course, make time in your everyday life to undergo the learning content, the resources and videos it provides. It’s a fantastic element of embedding new skills everyday from the palm of your own hands on a smartphone whilst on a lunch break.

2)     It’s Super Cheap Yet Vastly Impactful

The bottom line is you learn more from experienced experts who have had years of experience in the field which they have dedicate to teach online. And the beautiful thing is, they are positive minded people who offer their knowledge and knowhow for super cheap. The ball is always in your court whether you choose to learn from real life experts who walked their talk and pay the small amount it costs to improve your skills. Or like many right now, complain that everything is too expensive and you only want a life of knowledge as a freebie. Great learning always comes at a price…And it’s your call how you choose to invest in yourself to grow and develop your skills. Once you do evolve, you’ll look back and have these people to thank.

3)     Having the Freedom to Fail

Now that’s not something you hear often nor do we often smile about failing. The great benefit of e-learning is the continuous ability to learn and fail without being judged, feeling down or feeling too negative about it. Because we always have the ability to go back and correct our own mistakes. Re-try and continue to learn. A process which in fact should be embedded in our daily habits to always go back to relearn the steps we once took to succeed where we once failed.

4)     Sharing knowledge

One great factor I take from learning online is the ability to share what we’ve learnt with others who we feel could benefit from such courses and materials. And the joy it brings to spread the knowledge especially within our working environment such as your workplace and university, your peers and growing network. It makes you grow stronger as a unit, a team with greater opportunities to succeed.

Corporates and businesses today do broaden learning aspects for employees through training and external resources yet I still feel e-learning is a tool that has yet to be fully harnessed in the business sector especially for the smaller and medium sized businesses. I urge all manager and directors reading to get on board to train your employees through flexible e-learning courses to help build a strong more potent team that can communicate effectively and deliver greater results.

To conclude, I am a proud advocate for e-learning and I have been researching and working for months now to put together the best and most stimulating e-learning course on a subject that matters to me most which is public speaking.

Split into two courses:

–        For early career learners

–        For those seeking a career in public speaking.

The two courses will teach the theoretical skills of public speaking, build your confidence and improve your communication skills as well as enabling you to develop a powerful working system that enables you to deliver powerful presentations and keynotes to earn both a passive and full-time income with a career as a professional speaker.

If you are interested in learning more about the course which will be announced very soon, please do register your interest, and I’ll make sure I share with you the secrets of what gave me the confidence to speak on stage in front of a million people worldwide whilst making money at the same time.

Register your interest for my upcoming public speaking course below:

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