Embracing the ‘Law of Attraction’

There is a saying in this worldThere is a saying in this world that your social circle defines who are you, the status of your presence and what you are striving towards in life. Whether you are consciously aware of such influence around you or not, it holds huge consequences both positive and negative for all future endeavours.

Look around you! The family, the friends, more specifically the type of friends who you are associated with. How they influence your daily life, the decisions you make and the natural habits that follow up on certain factors that lead you to follow in their direction. Everything has a consequence!

Now you may be thinking why I am saying all this…the reason is: ‘Like attracts like.’ Depending on your habits, your vision, your passion…it is only people who match that sort of daily interests that are sort of people you will attract in life.

That is why it is never a bad thing to dream big, or to be ambitious or courageous in life. As the more thoughts you process over time, focusing on your vision, the more likely you will face a string of events leading to the accomplishment of your vision. Whether that be meeting people who help you along the way, coming up with ideas to achieve them or simply taking small steps that tick boxes in the right direction that help you achieve your goal.

The law of attraction engraves a whole new cycle of thought process. Every decision we make, the way we feel to the emotions we process have such bearing on the outcome of the day, to even how we live our lives.

Which is why we should never indulge ourselves in disappointment, or failure or the difficulty in achieving a goal. But instead, be , living life on positive energy and prosperity. Only then do we understand that our mindset will change, and our decision making improves, with a sense of greater satisfaction.

I write this very thought provoking article this week, simple because I’ve been receiving many personal stories that indulge in negative energy. The law of attraction teaches us to bend these rules, that where negative energy surrounds us, we must see positive outcomes from it which provides the escape route to overcome any difficult circumstances. There is no ifs or buts…it’s a choice we have which we either embrace or fall victim too. It is up to you upon how you rise above the challenge.

Sometimes it is a matter of taking small action from simply the use of positive & joyful words in every day vocabulary, to even expressing gratitude and being thankful for what you have rather than being hurt by what you don’t have or can’t quite attain. This slight adjustment in mindset brings heaps of rewards, enabling you to act more positive, speak more openly resulting in connecting with people who are just as open minded and refreshing.

To conclude, the fact that you have read this article, you are already indulging yourself with positive energy which is the first step embracing the ‘Law of Attraction.’

Stay blessed!

Sabirul Islam