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How to run a business | Bookkeeping | Decision Making | Investment | Risk Taking

Sabirul has designed and delivered enterprise days for schools for more than 10 years. From his personal experiences as a young entrepreneur, he knows how significant a role school plays in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset for students to carry forward into their futures.

Through his 15 years of experience as a social entrepreneur, Sabirul has crafted unique bespoke enterprise days for schools that teach:

1) Entrepreneurial soft skills
2) How to manage money through bookkeeping
3) How to make key decisions
4) How to lead, make important decisions, and be a team player
5) How to negotiate & be competitive

His enterprise days are a unique blend of motivational talks and experiential learning workshops that include carefully crafted activities that suit your school’s learning needs and objectives.

As a strong believer in learning by doing, Sabirul would be delighted to work with your school to design a bespoke enterprise-day learning experience for your students.

Teen-Trepreneur iLead programme

The Teen-Trepreneur ‘iLead’ is an action packed one or two day enterprise programme designed to develop and harness the entrepreneurial soft skills required for students to tackle the fast-changing world.

This programme teaches 16 core soft skills through a fun-filled day/s of activities, workshops, team-building experiences, and challenges.

They range from entrepreneurship activities, group challenges, and sports activities all themed across enterprise learning.

iLead stands for:
I: Inspiration & Interaction
L: Learning to Lead
E: Entrepreneurial Mindset
A: Action & Ambitions
D: Debate & Decision Making

Students learn to harness the ‘iLead’ values throughout the programme in various tasks and practical challenges throughout the day, as the programme is broken into multiple stages of learning.

If you would like Sabirul to deliver a one or two days iLead programme at your school, whether it be for a classroom or an entire year group. Then please do get in touch, so Sabirul can better understand your schools learning needs.


Enterprise Days Workshop
Enterprise Days Venture Challenge for Schools
Enterprise Days Workshop for Schools


This is a uniquely developed enterprise workshop for a classroom delivered by Sabirul using his very own Teen-Trepreneur board game. A game which he developed at the age of 18, with the passion to make entrepreneurship, teachable, playable and most importantly ‘easy to learn.’

Delivered to a classroom size of 30 students, each student will be running their own business, competing for trade, making key investment decisions whilst learning the important principles of running a business. They compete with fellow students to generate profit and overcome all business challenges and hurdles which the game brings.

A session can be tailored to your timeframe, though a recommend time would be between 1 and 2 hours or a double class session.

Key learning outcome include:

  1. How to manage money
  2. How to make smart and calculated decisions
  3. Why competition is healthy
  4. Importance of pushing boundaries and risk taking
  5. How to keep tabs on revenue and expenses through bookkeeping
  6. How to calculate their profits margins
  7. They learn about investment and the stock market,
  8. Why its important to have more than one income stream. 
Session Includes:
– Motivational Speech from Sabirul
– Teen-Trepreneur Board Game Workshop

Session Duration:
– Usually a double period is ideal. However, this can be anything between, 1.5 hours to half a day. This also can be tailored to your specific timeframe.

Want a Bespoke Enterprise Days programme?

A bespoke enterprise days programme is designed around your schools’ learning needs. A call with Sabirul to discuss your vision for the day will allow him to put together a proposal which he will share with you.

The proposal will typically outline a series of workshops, activities and a potential timeline which meet your schools’ learning needs for the day. This will give you a clear idea as to what the day will look like and the key soft skills the workshops and activities will cover.

A custom programme can be for a classroom or an entire year group. If you want to go even bigger and plan for the whole school, Sabirul can also do that too.

So, if you are keen to plan a bespoke enterprise day programme for your school, then do get in touch with Sabirul below and he will respond to with you within 24 hours.


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Testimonials from Students

“I learnt that teamwork & coordination is what leads to achievements”

“I learnt that what you want to be, you can’t do it without effort and focus”

“I learnt communication and leadership”

“I learnt how to setup your own business and what you need to start yourself off”