Escaping through the art of writing

Escaping through the art of writingIf ever there was moment in life where you had the opportunity to be yourself, to understand your own morals and to truly make yourself feel worthy, valued and empowered, there is no greater way to express your own inner thoughts & feelings than through the art of writing.

We all feel pain, we all feel undervalued, we all need help, support and we all need to be loved, just somehow reality doesn’t give us what we want. But one thing I learnt over the years is to able to express all my feelings, emotions and thoughts, through writing. It helped me unveil certain characteristics about me that I did not know existed. To know the world keeps looking the other way, we must find our own feet to express our pain, and writing helped me express words which I personally feared sharing through live interaction.

Everyone has a unique story to tell, one that is like no other and one that cannot be repeated by someone else. So, that’s a story worth writing.

To know that putting pen to paper can have such an influence on your thought process, opening your mind to think more positive, to help you embrace a new side to you that you once kept locked away, it taught me the importance of being true to yourself.

We hide things, we don’t tell others. We are ashamed of what others think of our lives, our failures or mistakes. We are scared, we lose status and so called ‘respect’ in society, yet one thing we must not forget, is to be true to ourselves, otherwise you create a life with dual identity. One who you personally know and one how others portray you.

The art involved in writing, is not for you to make money from, but to teach yourself more about you. From every good experience, to every bad experience, you need to write, write and keep writing!

Some do this as a diary, some do this as a journal and some do this to share with others a book, a poem or a story. However you plan on doing this is totally up to you, there is no right or wrong, but one thing I can guarantee you from this, is that every thought your process, you’ll shed bucket loads of tears whilst writing about your pain & struggle! Yet, you will also feel a million times more alive, assertive and confident to embrace life with a different, yet more positive view.

The journey I’ve experienced in life, has all been because of the art of writing. It helped shape who I am today…from the very quiet, shy and lost child that I once was to the confident and empowering figure that I am today. You may find it hard to believe, but there is no harm in you giving it a try! See for yourself! Learn to zone out and begin writing your story & journey.

Get Writing!

Sabirul Islam