Failure: The Art of New Beginnings

Failure: The Art of New Beginnings

When life throws you a second chance

I’m sure you would all agree with me that when life looks bleak and things don’t go your way, you always want that second chance to do right what you did wrong. Like for instance, that one shot at a job interview for the company you so badly wanted to work for, but failed because you messed up big time during your interview. Or even that moment you set up a smashing business with crazy innovate ideas, only to find that it’s not generating you enough money and the idea is no longer what you thought it was due to the speed and growth of the digital age.

We’ll trust me, we’ve all been there and I for one am no different. So, are we meant to moan, feel lonely and live a life of what if? Well, initially I would strangely encourage it as a short term method of learning self realisation. To question your motives, decisions you make and to challenge yourself to kick start another round of your unfinished career bout.

Let’s face it, life can sometimes suck but the beauty of life is that opportunities are limitless and are only bound by the borders and boundaries set by our own mind, thoughts, feelings and actions.

So what do you do when life gives you a second chance? Let me shape this up in 5 key stages for you to ensure you are on route to not make the same mistakes:

  • Plan your pathway

Like they say; ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step.’ However, the journey route has to be mapped out. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? How will you get there? Why is route choice 1 better than route choice 2? It’s all about asking yourself the right questions to plan a physical and psychological route to your destination.

Next, develop a strategic timeline on when what needs to be done. Set yourself targets and deadlines. Be held accountable for your actions and decisions.

  • Connect with do-ers

Your career journey requires support, guidance, partnerships, friends and a team to support you. You cannot build your career on your own without having a backbone of strength supporting you. Who can they be? A mentor, a trust worthy friend, new networks who believe in your ambitions and goals. Generate strong leads who could be supporters, customers, clients or even partners. Whatever it is you do, you need an alternative point of view to be held accountable.

  • Keep learning

There is no shame in utilizing time to read books or blogs or do some online classes. Test yourself in areas you’ve yet too and then you’ll realize you have more to offer yourself and others as you continue to progress. Self learning helps you advance your own ideas and links to the strategic pathway you developed, to make amends, change a few things which enables you to build character to take risks.

  • Execute your ideas

Planning, developing and building a network allows you build a solid platform to execute your ideas. In business terms, whatever strategy you’ve outlined, a market plan you’ve created. You need to find clever tools and tricks to execute them in order to stand out. Who are your audience? What are you doing to reach them? Social media isn’t everything remember that…So what alternatives are you using to reach them. Can you get referrals for your work? Testimonials for what you do. Small things that help you build a strong brand enabling a stronger and more powerful execution of your vision.

  • Keep improving

Take on board feedback, criticism and sound knowledge from others. Don’t be downbeat. Allows yourself to constantly improve and build on your work. Life isn’t about being static or doing the same thing over and over again. Move with times and if something new excites you, learn about it and see how you can embed this in your work.

Why I wrote this is because I’ve been fortunate to always see my failure as an opportunity to kick start something new. I’ve always needed time to address where I went wrong and whom to let go of in life. Don’t be too attached to something or someone. Certain phases of your life will bring you certain types of joy and people. But they are not meant to be there forever unless you feel otherwise.

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