How are you adding value to others?

It’s been a big factor in my journey over the past 10 years, to constantly do my best to try and serve others and more importantly keep adding value to the people I communicate with.

What is it that you can do to ensure you make others like you for who you are and what you represent? Everybody you come across has an interpretation of who you are from the first time they see you, hear about you or even read about you. The persona and image you portray is crucial to how they perceive you and communicate with you. But it doesn’t end there, ones initial judgement of you can instantly change from the way you approach them, the things you say and even the way you look, smile etc etc. The point is, the first mode of communication you have must be one that makes you instantly likeable. Then you have their attention.

So how does this relate to adding value to others? Well, someone liking you for what you say is one thing, but for someone to remember you is where you need to push that extra mile. So for example, you’ve been invited to an event which you had to turn down as they cannot pay your fees. What would you do? My response is always appreciating their time to research about me, invite me to their wonderful event, and as a way of showing my gratitude for the invitation I send them a copy of my book to say thank you. It’s these small things that make you from going ‘likeable’ to being ‘remembered’ and you never know when and where they’ll come back asking for your services again.

So the message here is, always add value to whom you meet, and who you connect with, without expecting anything in return. It is what will make you appreciated, valued and a key person of Influence within the sector you serve.

Sabirul Islam

“Born to Serve, Live to Inspire”