How Did You Build Up High Level of Confidence?

To build high level Confidence, one of the personal challenges has always been standing up in front of a group of unknown people and having a conversation. As a professional speaker who is an introvert, overcoming this barrier has somewhat been challenging. But it was only possible through the idea of exploration. Wanting to see how much I can push my own boundaries and limitation to discover what I am truly capable of.

Now, many would not often have this ability or willingness to want to explore. I understand that. It can be scary and this is where doubt creeps in.

The first steps to build high level confidence comes from self-belief and telling yourself that it is possible.

Others judging you or telling you can’t, you shouldn’t and that you’re not good enough, are only words that can harm you, if you choose to let it affect you. The important words there is ‘you choose.’

You see, you have the freedom and more importantly the choice to make important decisions that can help you evolve. So that you can take small steps towards feeling more confident and gradually learning to believe in yourself.

The more and more I explored, whether it be through business, writing or speaking on stage, every aspect of what I achieved taught me something new about myself that I wouldn’t have known existed if I hadn’t developed the mindset and courage to give it a try.

To develop a high level of confidence requires focus and determination but more importantly learning to fight your own demons. The biggest demon of all being self-doubt. The negative self-questioning is the only thing between you and the willingness to give something a try.

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