How Did You Get into Writing & Was Writing Always Your Passion?

Many would often be surprised to hear that I am an introvert, often shy and keeping myself somewhat distant from large gatherings. Rather odd when you consider that my passion is in the world of public speaking as I love to travel, delivering talks to audiences of all ages and sizes.

What came with the introverted personality was the solitude of creative thinking and space, which led to the interest in harnessing the opportunity of loneliness to write away and share my six pence on how to be entrepreneurial from a young age. I wrote my first book at the age of 17, titled; The World at Your Feet.

No small feat, especially during time of college, with studies and exams. I must say, the world of writing is what paved way for more opportunities to explore and learn about who I am, and what strengths I hold, in order to uncover how far and wide I could fly with grand ambitions. Yet, the message I shared with those reading my book was not all about how to be successful one can be, but also learning to stay humble and keeping both feet on the ground no matter how high you fly.

Watch this video, as I share with you what got me into writing and how you could do the same.

I’m also proud to be writing a new book, set to launched in December 2020 titled: Build Your Confidence on Stage, to guide aspiring speakers to turn their passion for speaking into a lifestyle profession. So do watch out for that.