I Can - Learn to RAGE

I Can-Learn to RAGE
Happy 2018 to all and it is with great pleasure that I get to write for you all once again with a defining purpose to instill belief in the mentality of the young generation with a spirit that breaks boundaries and injects the strength and willpower of the words ‘I Can.’ Two very small words that speaks volumes and shifts our way of believing and doing. Learn to take action with a positive and driven mentality upon which you will excel and see staggering results.
I’ll be sharing with you my insights and knowledge every month on how you can develop your career with such as spirit and gain personal satisfaction that ‘you’ve finally made it.’

The common mistake made by many, is pursuing a career in a particular field without inspiration or sufficient knowledge of what it involves. This often leads to short-term job prospects, a lack of motivation and apathy, which becomes laziness.

When it comes to identifying a career that suits you, there are three key elements to address:
Research –> Active Involvement –> Growing Experience. One that I call: RAGE

These three key elements will help you develop a portfolio that will grow your status, so whether it comes to setting up a business or looking for a job, you will be equipped with the skills required to succeed within your chosen industry. So how does it work?
When I talk about research, I don’t mean researching the career opportunity itself but finding out about organizations in the field, specific voluntary or community programmes that enhance your skills and experience of team working.

One useful example of my research was that I shortlisted a number of potential skills I wanted to develop, such as team working, effective communication and leadership. I went online and searched for active leadership programmes for young people in my local area.

There was a youth programme that specially worked on training and leadership development. I signed up, met a group of like-minded young people and worked on tasks, challenges and projects that were set by the team.

Everyone had to take up a role and each role had specific responsibilities. These challenges helped develop my skills in leadership, teamwork and communication, which are essential to almost any role.

So why did I get involved? The research I undertook revolved around certain skills I knew I had to develop to be independent and have the courage to achieve my career goals.
The research led to my active involvement with the youth programme. I also joined many other projects, programmes and organizations, all on a voluntary basis, to learn about new ideas and keep pushing boundaries. Active involvement, whether voluntary or socially motivated work, in the community will help you gain the experience you need to build your career.

I always advise people to write a 200- to- 300-word biography about their journey and experiences to accompany their CV or resumes. The more you are involved with organizations and programmes, the more experience you will gain which ultimately leads to a more powerful profile and an inspiring biography.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous 2018 and always remember that success is based on what makes you happy, and you feel is self-fulfilling rather than trying to compete with those around you. Shout out the words ‘I Can’ and prove your doubters wrong as you will make a stronger, more vibrant individual that will always walks your talk!
You can follow my journey over the course of 2018, via my Facebook where I’ll be shooting series of live talks online to help you kick start your career: www.facebook.com/sabirulislamspeaker
Best Wishes
Sabirul Islam