Invest In Your Employees

Invest in Your Employees

Group Coaching and Training for Businesses by Sabirul Islam

Are you a manager or a team leader looking to get the best out of your employees & colleagues? Want to improve office spirit & culture? And sharpen communication across your team?

Sabirul delivers highly energised and transformational custom coaching programmes both online & a full one day session to help power up your team and boost the spirit of each employee.

The ‘Invest in Your Employees’ coaching programmes are primarily targeted at early to mid-career employees and those who are transitioning into early career leadership roles within the private, public sector and third sector organisations.

The custom coaching programme has two delivery methods:

50-minute online group coaching

Single Session or Custom 3, 6 or 12 Month Programme

A single session focuses on one of the five key soft skills which Sabirul covers, to stimulate and motivate all your employees.

A custom 3, 6 or 12 month programme focuses on your organisations key employee learning and development objectives. With one online session delivered per month, to allow continuity and balance in work and training.

As its online, these session can be as big or as small as you like. So whether you’re a start up with a couple of employees or a large organisations with hundreds, they can all tune in to listen, learn and engage.

Each programme has 3 key stages:

Pre-Session Employee Survey: Sabirul conducts a survey to gather qualitative insights about your employees, their thoughts, feelings, work life, habits & what they personally want to gain from a coaching session. This makes the session more meaningful and valuable to each and every employee.

The 50 Minute Online Session via Zoom

Post Session Review & Analysis Report: Sabirul provides a full report of the coaching session conducted, with feedback and recommendations for your organisation. The analysis report is a full insight into the pre-session survey, allowing you to get a more informative insight into how you can better develop, encourage, plan and transition talent within your team.

Below you will find five one-off sessions which are most popular with Sabirul, you can request to book these session by clicking on the ‘Book Online Coaching Session Button’ links provided for each single programme and simply select a date and time that suits you.

For any custom 3, 6 or 12 month programme, please enquire via the ‘Get in Touch’ form. Here is a short video example of Sabirul conducting an online custom session which focused on ‘People Management Skills & Coaching Employees.’

“I like the presence of Sabirul Islam, his ability to explain things the way you can understand and relate too”
SJ Innovation LLC

Intense ONE-DAY coaching

Which is hands on and a pull from a number of tools and methodologies gained from working with leaders across the business and non-profit sectors.

The One-Day session covers:

Leadership Coaching: It is probably a given that you have domain or knowledge expertise but self-awareness, interpersonal communication and presence are often not as easy to manage or build on when people assume you already know this. To coach you on this journey, we draw on a number of tools and methods including Value-Based Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Active Questioning, Solution Focused Coaching and the B.RA.V.E. Leadership Model.

Presentation Coaching: These include Vocal Development, Speech Writing, Visual Storytelling, Platform Skills and Body Language. The purpose of this session is to get your team feeling a lot more confident when they have to deliver high stakes public speaking or presentations for stakeholders including board members, staff or organisational investors.

This is a fully custom built one day session focusing on your organisations key learning objectives to ensure the session focuses on the essential areas of employee development which your organisation is seeking.

A full one days coaching session includes, pre-work & employee surveys, interactive workshops, group discussions & role play presentations.

Get in Touch

If you are unsure which online session is best for your organisation, or would like to discuss about a potential custom programme, or just have a request for a different type of online session, then please do get in touch via the enquiry form below.

Or you can request a 10 minute consultation call with Sabirul by clicking on the ‘Speak with Sabirul’ button, so he can help you gain clarity on which programme will be most suited for your organisations objectives.

50-Minute Online Group Coaching

The Five Soft Skills Sessions


1) Teamwork: Teamwork is the one soft skill nobody can do without these days.

Teamwork means cooperation, collaboration and taking the initiative when necessary.

During the 50 minutes Sabirul address key factors such as:

a) Knowing Your Colleagues
b) Fostering Transparency
c) Why Collaboration is Key
d) Creating Clear Objectives and Goals
e) Being Forthcoming with Your Feedback

“What was impressive was the fact that he took the survey first and then based the class on the results from that survey. This helped all team members to relate to it more. He is a motivational speaker so naturally the way he delivered the message was more effective for our team”
SJ Innovation LLC


2) Effective Communication: There are three leading causes of poor communication at work.

Lack of social awareness and/or emotional intelligence. This person may not realise they are communicating ineffectively.

Lack of understanding of effective communication techniques. This person is probably aware that they struggle to communicate, but does not know how to improve.

Lack of confidence. This person probably knows that they struggle to communicate, and may understand in theory how to improve, but lacks the confidence to do so effectively.

During this 50-minute session, I walk you through how best to develop effective communication skills some examples being: Listening, Nonverbal Communication, Expressing Empathy, Open-Mindedness, Feedback, Picking the Right Medium and more.


3) Problem Solving: There are a number of things you can do to help workers develop effective problem-solving skills that they can use at your workplace.

During this 50-minute session, Sabirul teaches:

• Structured problem-solving methods you can apply to solve any sort of problem

• How to create resources to help problem-solve the most common problems at your workplace

• Opportunities for employees to practice ‘problem-solving skills’ and that ‘problem-solving methods’ at your workplace


4) Time Management: Too many times, we think of time management as one skill and so, we attempt to improve that skill.

However, time management has many different segments and skills associated with it. Each skill is a key component to your work life balance and time management is just the sum of all these skills.

In this 50-minute session, Sabirul helps you identify which of the time management skills is letting you down, so you can intervene and make necessary improvements.

Some areas covered are: Goal setting, Focus, Prioritisation, Self-Awareness, Delegation and more.


5) Motivation & Wellbeing: As a manager, does the following sound familiar?

You finally have your dream team in place. You’ve hired selectively, waiting for just the right fit for each role. Your team started strong. They came out the gate with fresh ideas and energy.

But lately… not so much. These days your team seems to be fine going through the motions, the tell tales signs of complacency – sloppiness, surface-level analysis, and an overall lack of creativity.

The frustrating thing is you know how great they can be. You’ve seen them at their best, but for the moment, the spark seems to have gone out. What’s going on here? First, the bad news: your team lacks motivation. The good news? This is an entirely fixable problem.

During this 50-minute session, Sabirul delivers what is called ‘The Value Added Personality’ which helps your team rediscover their passion for what they do and unearth effective ways to bring back the positive vibe and spirit with the team.

“His confidence definitely gave me a motivational boost, would love to have more classes from him”
SJ Innovation LLC