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Sabirul Islam

The UK's No.1 Motivational Speaker for Schools

“Truly incredible from beginning to end! His presentation was pitched perfectly for our students who sat in stunned silence listening intently to his amazing story. We really couldn’t have asked for a more passionate or inspirational speaker.”
School Speaker
Lisa Green
The National Enterprise Academy
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Sabirul Islam is the UK’s No.1 motivational speaker for schools. As a school speaker, Sabirul delivers talks to all year groups.

Do your students lack day to day motivation or sometimes have low aspirations or self-belief?

Do they need to learn the importance of character building and resilience?

How about an eye-opener about what is possible for their careers whether that be entrepreneurship or being a global influencer and beyond?

Do they need an empowering pre-exam or start of the year talk?

How about practical enterprise learning through gaming or financial education and self-development through a full days workshop?

Or do you simply have a special annual event planned where you need an extraordinary motivational school speaker to uplift and energize your students?

Sabirul Islam is a vastly experienced internationally recognized motivational speaker for schools, author and enterprise trainer who has empowered students through the art of storytelling and his Teen-Trepreneur programmes and he is here to help.

Here is what School Speaker Sabirul has to offer your school:

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“Sabirul was a brilliant speaker, who pitched his talk at just the right level for our students. They left with enthusiasm, self-belief and ideas. The students are still buzzing about it now.”
School Speaker
Hilary Foster
City of Leicester College