Invest in Your Potential 1-2-1 Coaching

Invest in Your Potential

Personal Coaching and Training for Individuals by Sabirul Islam

Getting started with your career or want a change? Want to break free from constant anxiety and lack of confidence? Want to practice interview techniques for an important job? Need support strategizing a new business or career plan? Or you simply want a sounding board and professional advice? Book 1-2-1 online coaching with Sabirul Islam via Zoom now and start to ‘Invest in Your Potential.’

‘Invest in Your Potential’ sessions are tailored to you and are there to offer you 1-2-1 support to help you achieve your goals, sharpen your life skills and make you stand out. Sabirul’s style is informal and friendly, allowing you to explore and overcome personal barriers and plan for real successes, where above all, you feel at ease and happy. The coaching programme is available to anyone (most clients are driven professionals who want to develop themselves), and as its via Zoom, its open to everyone, whatever your location.

Some of the areas you may wish to focus on:

1)     Confidence: Learn techniques and find your own style of being confident to maximise success

2)     Communication skills: Mastering the art of speaking, presenting, listening and body language

3)     Interview: Practice techniques and mock interviews

4)     Leadership: Have you started a new leadership position at work and want to get it right?

5)     Aspiring young entrepreneurs: Systems and strategies required for success

6)     Career goals: Drawing up a plan together that suits you

7)     Self-Discovery: Adopting a winning mindset leading to results

8)     Learn to make a difference globally: Social Entrepreneurs

9)     Overcoming personal barriers and challenging times: Let me support you to be proactive and positive

Sabirul will work with you to develop your presence, appearance, skills, and goals. You will see positive results from focused attention, guidance, and practice.

Duration & Coaching Fee

  • A session is 50 minutes in length and will be delivered via Zoom.
  • Single session fee: £49

How to Book a Session:

To book a session with Sabirul, select the date and time that suits you below, provide a brief overview of what sort of support you require, make payment and you will receive a confirmation of your coaching session booking with Sabirul via email.

Once booked, Sabirul will email you the joining instructions for your session via Zoom and provide you a reminder of your session a day in advance as well.


“Sabirul was superb and highly passionate about my career goals. I had ideas flying everywhere and from just a single session with Sabirul, he worked with me to better structure my career goal. His methods of setting bite sized objectives and his magnetic approach set me on my way, with a clearer strategy and a functioning working system. I would highly recommend him, as he has a deeply moving approach and understanding.”

Louisa Adams, USA

“Sabirul is an exceptional speaking coach. I had terrible fears of addressing an audience for an upcoming event, and the time I spent with Sabirul, he helped me focus on my event objectives and worked on building my self-confidence, through storytelling and ‘in person demonstrations online’ focusing on vocals and stage presence. He let me feel free of my fears allowing me to expressing my true personality. Sabirul, you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough.”

Lucy Brown, UK

I’ve failed in 6 interviews in the past and needed support and guidance, I spent an hour or so with Sabirul, where he helped me revise my CV, pointing to my strengths and helped me focus on my core abilities and how to better shape my past experience highlights. We went through mock interviews, and he was sharp in where I was going wrong or need to elaborate more. A few weeks later, I land my job. Finally! Thank you Sabirul, your advice and guidance was invaluable.

Ravinder Jain, India