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Sabirul has written and published 3 personal development books on raising career aspirations, entrepreneurship, and public speaking. His passion has been to always share his knowledge and insights throughout his career to empower and uplift the young generation around him. As a writer since childhood and with his early career experience as a young entrepreneur. Sabirul knew the best way to impact today’s youth was through the power of published writing supporting his message on stage as a professional motivational speaker. This has inspired him to publish 3 books since the age of 17. His three books have been published by Marshall Cavendish and LID publishing. Learn more about Sabirul’s published personal development books below.

Sabirul's 3 Personal Development Books

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The World at Your Feet - Personal development books for teens

The World at Your Feet

The World at Your Feet is the go-to self-help book for teens seeking wisdom and a bit of inspiration about how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. As one of the best-selling self-development books, Sabirul shares first hand insight, his secrets to gaining self-belief, motivation and the foundations to kick starting your entrepreneurial journey.

Young Entrepreneur World - Personal Development Books for Budding Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneur World

Young Entrepreneur World contains interviews with 25 of the world’s most influential young entrepreneurs, youth activists and changemakers with a vision to create positive change. Each interview captures personal insights as to what it takes to achieve entrepreneurial success and how your ideas can truly make a difference.

Build Your Confidence on Stage - Personal Development Books on Public Speaking

Build Your Confidence on Stage

Want to master the art of public speaking, overcome stage fright and truly develop powerful vocals? Or are you looking to learn how to tell a great story on stage, engage your audience in a unique way and turn your passion for speaking into a professional career? Then Build Your Confidence on Stage is for you.

Q&A with Sabirul on his personal development books

Sabirul strongly believes in living life with purpose, value, and meaning. Living and breathing his motto “Born to Serve, Live to Inspire.”
Sabirul Islam
Motivational Speaker, Author & Social Entrepreneur
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