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The UK's No.1 Motivational Speaker for Schools

“Truly incredible from beginning to end! His presentation was pitched perfectly for our students who sat in stunned silence listening intently to his amazing story. We really couldn’t have asked for a more passionate or inspirational speaker.”
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Lisa Green
The National Enterprise Academy
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Sabirul Islam is the UK’s No.1 motivational speaker for schools. As a school speaker, Sabirul delivers talks to all year groups.

Do your students lack day to day motivation or sometimes have low aspirations or self-belief?

Do they need to learn the importance of character building and resilience?

How about an eye-opener about what is possible for their careers whether that be entrepreneurship or being a global influencer and beyond?

Do they need an empowering pre-exam or start of the year talk?

How about practical enterprise learning through gaming or financial education and self-development through a full days workshop?

Or do you simply have a special annual event planned where you need an extraordinary motivational school speaker to uplift and energize your students?

Sabirul Islam is a vastly experienced internationally recognized motivational speaker for schools, author and enterprise trainer who has empowered students through the art of storytelling and his Teen-Trepreneur programmes and he is here to help.

Here is what School Speaker Sabirul has to offer your school:

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Sabirul Islam Speaker for Schools

As a speaker for schools, Sabirul delivers motivational talks covering various topics. Each focusing on different areas of interest, subjects and teachings.

His talks vary in length from 30mins up to 2hrs and is fully flexible to your timetable.

Topics include:

  1. Raising student aspirations
  2. How to overcome adversity
  3. How to be entrepreneurial
  4. Storytelling, sharing my journey as a young entrepreneur

These talks covers the foundations of building character, resilience, overcoming fear, understanding where self belief comes from and how to discover your passion and purpose. Sabirul delivers this talk through the art of storytelling with real life personal examples of his own experiences. His talks have inspired, influenced and changed the lives of over a million students globally across 5 continents.

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School Speaker Sabirul’s Teen-Trepreneur Programme

This is a uniquely developed enterprise workshop for a classroom delivered by Sabirul, using his very own Teen-Trepreneur board game. A game which he developed at the age of 18, with the passion to make entrepreneurship, teachable, playable and most importantly ‘easy to learn.’

Delivered to a classroom size of 30 students, each student will be running their own business, competing for trade, making key investment decisions whilst learning the important principles of running a business. They compete with fellow students to generate profit and overcome all business challenges and hurdles which the game brings.

A session can be tailored to your timeframe, though a recommend time would be between 1 and 2 hours or a double class session.

Key learning outcome include:

  1. How to manage money
  2. How to make smart and calculated decisions
  3. Why competition is healthy
  4. Importance of pushing boundaries and risk taking
  5. How to keep tabs on revenue and expenses through bookkeeping
  6. How to calculate their profits margins
  7. They learn about investment and the stock market,
  8. Why its important to have more than one income stream. 
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School Speaker Sabirul’s Teen-Trepreneur iLead Programme

The Teen-Trepreneur ‘iLead’ is an action packed one day or two day custom programme designed to develop
and harness the entrepreneurial soft skills required for students to tackle the fast-changing world.

The programme teaches 16 core soft skills through a fun filled day/s of activities, team building experiences and challenges.

They range from entrepreneurship activities, group challenges and sports activities all themed across enterprise learning

iLead stands for:

I: Inspiration & Interaction
L: Learning to Lead
E: Entrepreneurial Mindset
A: Action & Ambitions
D: Debate & Decision Making

All of which students learn to harness throughout the programme in various tasks and challenges, as the
programme is broken into multiple stages of learning.

If you would like Sabirul to deliver a one or two days iLead programme at your school, please do get in touch, so Sabirul can better understand your learning needs.

Testimonials from Students:

“I learnt that teamwork & coordination is what leads to achievements”

“I learnt that what you want to be, you can’t do it without effort and focus”

“I learnt communication and leadership”

“I learnt how to setup your own business and what you need to start yourself off”

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Data from School Speaker Sabirul’s iLead Programmes

Download Motivational Talk for Your School by School Speaker Sabirul Islam

Motivational Talk for Schools by School Speaker Sabirul Islam
Motivational Talk for Schools by School Speaker Sabirul Islam

Download the 15-minute motivational talk for your school delivered by the UK’s No.1 motivational school speaker Sabirul Islam.

The talk covers the following four key pillars:

1) Inspiration: Why it’s important to feel inspired and motivated at a young age.

2) Knowledge: Why learning young is an advantage to fulfill a dream and long term goals.

3) Opportunity: Why at a young age it’s vitally important to learn by doing.

4) Growth: Why it’s important to improve communication beyond our social circles

School speaker Sabirul believes that these four key pillars are vital for students to learn how to raise their aspirations during their time at school, as well as understanding why resilience is both an attitude and a skill they must adopt at a young age.

Sabirul draws in his personal experience throughout his teenage life as a young entrepreneur and author. Addressing the challenges he personally faced such as constant rejections and having to deal with a difficult upbringing delivering the speech with key down-to-earth messaging and storytelling that is easy to understand and highly relatable for students from all walks of life.

Target audience:

For students aged 11 to 18.

Motivational School Speaker Sabirul Islam
Download Motivational Talk for School by School Speaker Sabirul

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“Sabirul was a brilliant speaker, who pitched his talk at just the right level for our students. They left with enthusiasm, self-belief and ideas. The students are still buzzing about it now.”
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Hilary Foster
City of Leicester College