” Sabirul Islam is a great guy and a very motivational speaker, especially for young people. Highly recommended! ” – Mike Southon, The Beermat Entrepreneur

Do your students lack day to day motivation or sometimes have low aspirations or self belief?

Do you they need to learn the importance of character building and resilience?

How about an eye-opener about what is possible for their careers whether that be entrepreneurship or being a global influencer and beyond?

Do they need an empowering pre-exam or start of the year talk?

How about practical enterprise learning through gaming or financial education and self development training?

Or do you simply have a special annual event planned where you need an extraordinary motivational speaker to uplift and energise your students?

Sabirul Islam is a vastly experienced international motivational speaker, author, career coach and enterprise trainer who has empowered students through the art of storytelling and his Teen-Trepreneur enterprise programme and he is here to help.

Here is what Sabirul has to offer your school:

Motivational Talks

Sabirul delivers 3 different style and topics of motivational talks for schools. Each focusing on different areas of interest, subjects and teachings.

His talks vary in length from 30mins up to 2hrs and is fully flexible to your timetable.

Topics include:

Inspire1Million – Purpose of Existence:

This talk covers the foundations of building character, resilience, overcoming fear, understanding where self belief comes from and how to discover your passion and purpose. Sabirul delivers this talk through the art of storytelling with real life personal examples of his own experiences. A talk which has inspired, influenced and changed the lives of over a million students globally across 5 continents.

The World at Your Feet – Turning Vision into Reality:

This is a highly interactive talk which is focused around ambitions and career goals. Covering 2 key areas; entrepreneurship & career mapping. Sabirul takes the students on a learning journey from CV writing to interviews, work placements to apprenticeships and all the possibilities in between. He talks about his own life experiences as an entrepreneur and how he kick started his entrepreneurial journey from his early years in school. A talk that is simply an eye opener and one that students can’t stop talking about.

The Revolutionary Brainwave – Acing Exams:

This is an out of the ordinary style presentation and talk that revolutionises how students prepare for exams. Sabirul takes the students on a creative journey that tweaks their natural approach to revision, getting each students to find a pattern of learning and study that suits their own capacity and capabilities without facing burnout. Who says studying is dull and boring? A talk that teaches technique through the use of humour, drama and serious straight talk.

The Teen-Trepreneur Enterprise Workshop

This is a uniquely developed enterprise workshop for a classroom delivered by Sabirul, using his very own Teen-Trepreneur board game. A game which he developed at the age of 18, with the passion to make entrepreneurship, teachable, playable and most importantly ‘easy to learn.’

Delivered to a classroom of 30, each student will be running their own business, competing for trade, making key investment decisions whilst learning the important principles of running a business. They compete with fellow students to generate profit and overcome all business challenges and hurdles which the game brings.

A session can be tailored to your timeframe, though a recommend time would be between 1 and 2 hours or a double class session.

The Teen-Trepreneur Workshop has two methods of delivery with two different learning outcomes.

Teen-Trepreneur Financial Fair Play

This method is all about teaching students financial education, from understanding income and expenditure to bookkeeping. Calculating taxes and learning profit and loss and return on investment.

It is a vital element of a students learning and development to understand how to manage money from an early age and make correct and smart decision to ensure greater returns.

Teen-Trepreneur Global Recession

This method brings real life economical problems to the classroom, challenging students to make wise decisions on how survive in business, make the rights investments and deal with loss in consumer demand and spending.

As they play the game, circumstances and scenarios change, tough decisions have to be made and sometimes ties have to be cut. It’s a workshop that revolutionises enterprising learning and challenges the students comfort zone. It’s practical real life enterprise learning brought to the classroom.

Booking Sabirul Islam – Get in Touch Now

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