Signature Speeches Matter and Why You Need Them

Signature Speeches Matter and Why You Need Them

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional speaker, addressing small crowds or stadium sized audiences, every speaker needs a signature speech or perhaps even two.

You may have come across a number of speakers who’s events you’ve probably attended more than once. And often wonder “Why are they repeating themselves?” “Or I’ve heard something like this before”

Yes, to you it may sound like this speaker only ever gives the same speech and has nothing else in his locker, but what you don’t realise during the event is:

  1. That it’s the speakers signature speech
  2. And that’s what they have been asked to deliver

What is a signature speech?

Signature speeches are almost like a speaker’s passport. It’s their brand, image, reputation all told through the art of speaking on stage. It is what they want to be represented with and what people know them for.

A signature speech is where the core message and storyline remain consistent but can be told in multiple ways.

Every speaker needs to have a signature speech. It’s their so called go-to speech that get them the most bookings and be heard by majority of the people.

From my own experiences, my signature speech I’ve delivered hundreds of times. Audiences who hear it for the first time are wowed, however some will hear it more than once and will assume it’s the only thing I speak about. That’s fine. My advice to them is to do their research about the event before attending. That way you’ll know what the talk will be about whether it’s a speaker’s signature speech or a speech focused on specific subjects and topics which you may not have heard before.

To conclude, every speaker must have a signature speech. Without one It’s almost as if you lack a brand identity. The simple trick is to write one, rehearse it and deliver it multiple times at different events that book you to speak about your journey and success. And the fact of the matter is, if your signature speech is your success story, you cannot change or rewrite the past.

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