Are You Looking for a Motivational Speaker?

I’ve had the pleasure of delivering motivational talks to audiences ranging from business professionals, academic students, and charities around the world as a motivational speaker with over 13 years’ experience. From keynotes to full day training, motivational to creative storytelling.

My style of presenting and ability to capture the interest of diverse audiences of all ages, has allowed me to deliver talks and address some of the largest organisations and institutes from around the world.

I’m known for my ability to transform challenging topics into easy to digest information through my on-stage presence and ability to take an audience on an empowering learning journey.

I’ve delivered talks on wide subject matters from resilience to leadership, health to motivational. If you have an upcoming event in mind where you need a motivational speaker who talks with life experience. I’d love to hear from you.

Here is what your audience will take away from my talks:

Resilience: How to shape a more resilient mindset to overcome personal and professional challenges.

Leadership for Emerging Leaders: How to leverage your own qualities that can transform personal strength into leading with purpose, change, and better decision making.

Health & Passion: Why health issues, should never be seen as a burden to achieve your long-term ambition. I share my story and battle with epilepsy and how it transformed my day to day lifestyle to fulfill a dream.

Motivational Talk: I share my life journey, having being fired from my first job, rejected by 40 publishers, turned down for investment yet still have the courage and belief to achieve the long-term dream of becoming a best selling author, internatival TV host and speaker with a profile of travelling and dleivering talks in 31 countries worldwide. The journey aims to empower and motivate an audience to ascertain self-confidence and how to open multiple career doors.

If you have an event in mind and require a speaker, then I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Clients Include