“STARTUP: A Dynamic Career for Fresh Graduates!”

STARTUP: A Dynamic Career for Fresh Graduates!
When it comes to setting life goals, you need to think on a very personal level. What will make you happy? What is your ultimate target or goal in life? You need to set yourself a long-term vision that enables you to have a sense of direction, somewhere to head towards. Now, break that down into short-term goals. These could be yearly, monthly or even daily. The most effective question you could ask yourself when setting life goals is: “By the end of today, what do I want to accomplish?”

It will help set a daily agenda, to know what you will feel satisfied to have achieved before heading to bed each day. It is more effective than writing a ‘to do’ list. Having a daily mission allows you to make progress towards certain life goals which you have set for yourself.

Here is a quick process to setting life goals:

1) The mindset – think big
First, you need to get into the right state of mind. Allow yourself to think big; as ambitiously as possible. There is no point in limiting yourself regarding what you can and cannot do here. You are addressing this to yourself, so be as big and wild as possible with your imagination. We often limit our thinking due to a lack of self-belief. But remember there is no right or wrong. Just imagine a world in which you could be anything you wanted to be. It is that state of mind which you need to reach before setting life goals.

2) Put pen to paper
Jot down things that you wish to accomplish, or that you feel would bring you satisfaction, as they come into your head. You could have a whole book of ideas and goals you have come up with; let your mind flow freely with all the possibilities. An idea or a goal will remain a concept unless you put it on paper. It is the first fundamental step in ensuring you take strides to achieving it.

3) Shortlist and prioritize
Shortlist the top ten most important goals and ideas that appeal and relate to you most. Which of the goals attract you the most? Which do you think will make you most happy, both intrinsically and extrinsically? This will help you prioritize your top ten goals. Remember, these can change over time. So if you select a goal and feel, a few weeks down the line, that it isn’t for you, you always have the option to try something new.

4) Deadlines and mission
Of the top ten goals, select the top three you wish to pursue. Set a deadline for each goal, and break it down into yearly, monthly and daily missions. This will enable you to progress towards each goal. Visualize each goal and assume you’ve reached it. Now work your way backwards, thinking about the steps you have taken to get there. Make sure these are in a logical order. Don’t worry if you can’t define every step, just create a pattern in your mind and put the stages down on paper. This will help you set your deadlines and missions as you now know the potential journey to achieving your goal.

You don’t necessarily have to achieve one goal at a time. Goals can be achieved simultaneously as long as you are sufficiently determined to give time to each goal.
Setting life goals and taking strides to achieve them requires you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs. Make sure you are in control of your own destiny and develop a burning desire to want to do more.

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But for now, wishing you all the best of luck with you career goals and dreams.
Sabirul Islam