Strategies and Systems: Why you need it and how it will define the outcome of your hardwork

It’s 2018 and finally I get to deeply believe in what I’ve been hesitating over the past 14 years to come to agreement with; “Strategies and Systems.”

I know like many of you who are keen to start businesses, who call yourself entrepreneurs and freestyle your way to success with an idea that has sparked your brainwave. It’s great, it’s fun and down right exciting and beyond question at times. But when the dust starts to settle and the sparkle starts to wear off, the utter harsh reality hits. You begin to lose value, importance and clients start fading away and people you once knew who were just a phone call away, now seem like a distant memory.

Why? And how could we avoid these? From hitting the heights of business one day to falling into a slump 12 months, maybe 2 years or even 10 years later?

Even I’ve been a victim of such nativity, thinking I can conquer the world with ideas, with no long term concrete plan or formula involved but more importantly a plan and formula that constantly “evolves” with time and movement of your target market.

It was only very recently that the bitter truth hit me, when my inner failings and mistakes were unearthed through mentoring. The simple errors looked glaringly in my face and one that I knew instantly that can easily be rectified and have significantly vast difference in the outcome of my work.

So, I write this blog to shout out to all you reading that business and success are principals of two key elements: ‘Strategies and Systems.’


Picture that end goal you envision, your dream moment where you can finally say a life well lived. Now strategize every aspect of the route it takes to get there. Literally the A to Z factors. Whether that be having strategies for your business, marketing, sales, personal growth, finance…you name it, everything.

Everything has to have a long term goal. An ‘aim’ as such…and begin to ‘plan’ accordingly to achieve the strategy. Your plan is a ‘how to achieve your Big Goal strategy.’ It’s your day to day lists, your monthly targets and your yearly goals, that ultimately lead to your overall bigger picture which is your strategy.


You build systems, remember that! It’s keeps you accountable. What comes in, what goes out, what are your financial ins and outs? Its your ‘must dos’ and what you have to do down the line. It grows your customer base, it holds all the records and it helps you automate and simplify processes. It’s a ‘must’ to manage everything you do and it keeps you on point to achieve everything you set out to achieve.

Be ruthless and be on top of everything you do! Build resources into the system and you’ll learn the value it adds. The effort you put in, results in reaping rewards down the line.

So why am I sharing all this? Because it took me this long to deeply believe in this and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes!

Develop strategies and build systems and I know for sure you’ll be high fiving yourself when you look in the mirror every day of your journey, once you begin to reap the rewards.

Sabirul Islam
Born to Serve, Live to Inspire

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