The World at Your Feet

The World at Your Feet

Self-Help Book for Teens

The World at Your Feet is the go-to self-help book for teens seeking wisdom and a bit of inspiration about how to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship.

Written by Sabirul at the age of17, initially as a self-published book after being rejected by 40 publishers. Sabirul shares his early career experience and know-how as a young entrepreneur to motivate and inspire young teens to learn how to follow their own dreams and career aspirations.

As a self-help book for teens, Sabirul shares his key early career know how and wisdom. These focus on discovering personal strength and integrity as well as how to leverage your network to help navigate career openings from a young age.

The book also talks about Sabirul’s personal journey and success stories as a young entrepreneur, having started his own business journey during his school days at the age of 14.

At just the age of 17, The World at Your Feet went on to sell 42,500 copies in just 9 months, before being professionally published by Marshall Cavendish when Sabirul turned 18.

The World at Your Feet - Self-help book for teens

The Go-To Self Help Book for Teens - Available for purchase

Having been published back in 2009, The World at Your Feet is available for purchase and download now as an e-book on all major online book retailers.

You’ll Learn How To:

1) Develop a driven and focused mindset from a young age
2) Break out of a shell and fulfil your maximum potential
3) Overcome procrastination and have a personal growth plan
4) Shape your personal brand that that speaks authenticity
5) Build a network of people who buy into your vision and ideas

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